Physics design study of the divertor power handling in 8 m class DEMO reactor

Joint Special Design Team for Fusion DEMO

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The divertor plasma performance and the power handling are studied for 8 m class DEMO reactor with the fusion power of 1.5 GW. Due to the high impurity radiation power (80% of the exhausted power), the full detachment at the inner target and the partial detachment at the outer target are obtained for a relatively low electron density of 1.8 × 1019 m−3 at the outer mid-plane separatrix. The SONIC simulation shows the target heat load less than 8 MW/m2, which can be handled by the ITER-like divertor target, for both target. However, at the outer target, the ion temperature is still high which may cause the target erosion. For the divertor power handling and suppression of the target erosion, the divertor design study have to be further proceeded as well as the core plasma design. Dependence of the mid-plane separatrix density and the impurity concentration on the fuel gas puff is also studied. With increasing fuel gas puff rate, the mid-plane separatrix density increases and the Ar impurity concentration at the outer mid-plane decreases to 0.5%.

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