Pre-emptive medicine for hypertension and its prospects

Hiroshi Itoh, Kaori Hayashi, Kazutoshi Miyashita

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Pre-emptive medicine is a novel medical concept proposed in Japan that aims to precisely predict the onset and progression of diseases and to provide therapeutic interventions during early stages, before symptoms appear. The concept of pre-emptive medicine considers the time-course of a disease in each individual and seeks medical interventions to prevent disease progression. Suitable and promising targets for pre-emptive medicine are non-communicable diseases, including hypertension. Recent advances in genomic analysis, information technology, and artificial intelligence should make this medical concept feasible in the near future. In this review, we focused on pre-emptive medicine for hypertension, referring to concrete plans for the future direction of this research. The ultimate goal of pre-emptive medicine is to completely prevent the onset and progression of hypertension by precisely predicting the elevation of blood pressure and performing interventions to avoid it. The diagnostic processes of hypertension, from the standpoint of pre-emptive medicine, should include the detection of abnormal blood pressure regulation as the earliest manifestation of the disease, the depiction of the present status of hypertension in an individual (“nowcasting”), and a prediction of the future trajectory of the disease (“forecasting”). Novel therapeutic strategies for hypertension, from the standpoint of pre-emptive medicine, should aim for the regression of hypertension through early treatments and the remission of hypertension through intermittent intensive therapies. An efficient modification of lifestyle and therapies, according to the progression of hypertension, should be required. If pre-emptive medicine for hypertension becomes established, it would greatly contribute to the extension of a healthy lifespan, which cannot yet be satisfactorily achieved.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2019 3月 1

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