Preparation and characterization of 1D-assembled gel particles

Hiroko Okuyama, Keiji Fujimoto

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1-D assembly of gel particles onto the groove, which was patterned with the. photolithography, was achieved by the spin-coating. The assembly was controlled by varying a particle concentration, a spinning speed and a shape of grooves. Assembled particles were chemically linked each other by the reaction of cross-linkers with reactive esters of particles. The shape of obtained chains was changed in response to pH. Amphoteric chains, which were cross-linked with ethylenediamine, shrank and swelled with changing the dispersion medium between pH3 and 7, respectively. The chains were curved and curled up only when they were unsymmetrically cross-linked. The shape of anionic chains cross-linked with poly-allylamine was swelled and became curved. It could be observed that the chains were deformed to a greater degree as they were longer.

出版ステータスPublished - 2005 12月 1
イベント54th SPSJ Annual Meeting 2005 - Yokohama, Japan
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Other54th SPSJ Annual Meeting 2005

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