Preparation of a one-dimensional polymer film on passivated iron by modification of a carboxylate ion self-assembled monolayer with octyltriethoxysilane for preventing passive film breakdown

Kunitsugu Aramaki, Tadashi Shimura

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A self-assembled monolayer (SAM) of 16-hydroxyhexadecanoate ion HO(CH 2)15-CO2- (HOC16A -) has been prepared on an iron electrode passivated in a borate buffer solution (pH 8.49) in the preceding paper. In this work, the HOC 16A- SAM on the passivated electrode was modified with octyltriethoxysilane C8H17Si(OC2H 5)3 to form a film composed of one-dimensional polymer. Prevention of passive film breakdown was examined by anodic polarization measurements of the electrodes uncoated and coated with the modified SAM in the borate buffer containing 0.1 M of Cl-. The pitting potential, E pit of the coated electrode shifted from that of the uncoated electrode in the positive direction, indicating prevention of passive film breakdown. The anodic current density was decreased in the passive and transpassive regions by coverage with the modified SAM. Neither current spikes nor Epit was observed in the curve of the passive region in some cases, demonstrating complete protection of the passive film against breakdown in the Cl- solution. The modified SAM on the electrode was characterized by X-ray photoelectron and FTIR reflection spectroscopies and contact angle measurement.

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出版物ステータスPublished - 2004 10 1


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