Presentation pattern of lower extremity endovascular intervention versus percutaneous coronary intervention

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Aim: The aim of the current study is to describe the presentation pattern of symptomatic peripheral artery disease undergoing endovascular therapy (EVT) in comparison to symptomatic coronary artery disease undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) based on data from nationwide databases.Methods: Data were extracted from the nationwide procedural databases of EVT and PCI in Japan (J-EVT and J-PCI) between 2012 and 2017. The presentation pattern was investigated using a Poisson regression model, including the month, seasonality, and weekend (versus weekday) as the explanatory variables. Seasonality was expressed as a cosine function of a 12-month period, and its significance was evaluated using the Fisher–Yates shuffle method.Results: A total of 41,906 and 62,585 cases underwent EVT for critical limb ischemia (CLI) and intermittent claudication (IC), respectively, whereas 518,858 and 504,139 cases underwent PCI for acute coronary syndrome (ACS) and stable angina (SA). The procedural volume increased by 21.6%, 12.3%, 4.5%, and 3.6% per year in CLI, IC, ACS, and SA. CLI and ACS, but not IC or SA, showed a significant volume seasonality. Compared with ACS, CLI demonstrated a larger peak-to-trough ratio of seasonality (1.75 versus 1.21; P<0.001), and a later peak appearance (February–March versus January–February by 1.37 months; P<0.001). The procedural volume on weekends relative to weekdays was smaller for SA, IC, and CLI than for ACS. These distinct features were observed in a diabetic population and a non-diabetic population.Conclusions: The current study analyzed nationwide procedural databases and demonstrated the presentation pattern of symptomatic PAD and CAD warranting revascularization.

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