Promoting exchange of digital art works - Picsense

Yoshihiko Suko, Yuri Koike, Jun Murai

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We propose a web-based software named "picsense" which promotes exchange of digital art works such as illustrations or animations, We propose a unique model in which blogs on the Internet are viewed as galleries or "select shops", The model uses the blogs as mediation points between art works and audience. This model uses some "Blog"s as mediation point between art works and audience. This model solves those problems: 1) The needs of ordinal people to show art works are not under pressure. 2) There is the specific difficulty of art works to search. The development of the software had the following characteristics: a) The requirement specification was analyzed in cooperation with artists. b) Neither difficulty nor novelty was requested in the policy for design choices to solve problems, but novelty and usefulness of the entire composition were pursued. c) Which made it possible for us to develop the software in a short term. The software has expanded the casual opportunities for general users to see digital art works, and made it possible form them to discover digital art works according to their individual preferences. The software also gave new solutions for requirements specific to searching art works, including needs for fitting with environments.

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出版物ステータスPublished - 2007 12 1

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