Proposal of disruptive computing (A computing-domain-oriented approach)

Toshio Baba, Yoshi Aki Shimada, Seiichiro Kawamura, Masanori Matoba, Toshikazu Fukushima, Shinichiro Fujii, Toshiki Nagano, Yasuhiro Katsumata, Nobuo Kochi, Yasunori Kimura

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The advanced data processing on the edge devices is getting much attention in addition to the performance of cloud computing for big data analysis and artificial intelligence for the advanced cyber-physical systems and Internet of Things. This paper shows the challenges of research and development on disruptive computing which enhance the conventional computing system with high performance and low power consumption. Future R&D challenges in computing technologies involve all technology layers including algorithms, packaging, software, architecture, circuits, devices, and materials. It is important from the perspective of social implementation and efficiency to select technologies suitable for important applications from each technology layer specific to the computing domain and with consideration for the timeline, and to develop technologies through a vertical integration approach. The promoting method of implementing such R&D is also described.

ジャーナルJapanese journal of applied physics
出版ステータスPublished - 2020 5月 1

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