Quality Recovery for Image Recognition

Motohiro Takagi, Akito Sakurai, Masafumi Hagiwara

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This paper proposes a quality recovery network (QRNet) that recovers the image quality from distorted images and improves the classification accuracy for image classification using these recovered images as the classifier inputs, which are optimized for image quality loss and classification loss. In certain image classification tasks, classifiers based on deep neural networks achieve higher performance compared to those realized by humans. However, these tasks are based on images that are not distorted. To address distorted images, the classifier is fine-tuned with distorted images for practical applications. However, fine-tuning is insufficient for classifying images that include multiple distortion types with severe distortions and often requires the classifier to be retrained for adapting to distorted images, which is a time-consuming process. Therefore, we propose QRNet that generates recovered images for input to the classifier. To address multiple severe distortions, the proposed network is trained using multiple distortion-type images with our proposed loss, which comprises the image quality and classification losses. Moreover, by training the proposed network with multiple classifiers, the recovered images can be easily classified by a new classifier that is not used for training. The new classifier can classify the recovered images without retraining for adapting to distorted images. We evaluate our proposed network with classifiers on public datasets and demonstrate that it improves the classification accuracy for distorted images. Moreover, the experimental results demonstrate that our proposed network with the new classifier improves the classification accuracy.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2019

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