Quantum Networking

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We are going to need a quantum Internet, and to build it, we need quantum internetworking technology. This book is my contribution to both the technical and social work of getting there. It is based on my experiences during 15 years of work on classical computing systems and networks, followed by a decade of research on quantum computing systems and networks. Quantum information, including both quantum computing and quantum communication, is poised to have a large and sustained impact on the fields of theoretical and experimental quantum physics, theoretical computer science (or informatics) and ultimately the information technology industry. One important subfield is quantum networking, especially using quantum repeaters, which are the focus of this tome. Quantum signals are weak and very fragile, and, in general, cannot be copied or amplified. Engineering quantum communication sessions that can reliably exchange data over long distances, in topologically complex networks built on heterogeneous technologies and managed by many independent organizations, requires an extraordinarily broad range of expertise, which few individuals anywhere have in toto. Over the next 300 or so pages, we will attempt to lay a common foundation on which each person can erect his or her contribution.

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