Quiescent and Activated Fibroblasts in Lateral Ventricular Meningioma With a Dura-like Membrane

Mizuto Sato, Ryota Tamura, Yukina Morimoto, Yumiko Oishi, Kazunari Yoshida, Masahiro Toda

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Background: Lateral ventricular meningioma (LVM) is a rare entity, accounting for 0.5%–5% of all intracranial meningiomas. This type of meningioma arises from meningothelial inclusion bodies in the tela choroidea and/or mesenchymal stroma of the choroid plexus. Although not yet fully characterized, a membranous structure is frequently observed around LVMs. This study analyzed quiescent and activated fibroblast phenotypes in LVMs with focus on the relationship between tumor growth and development of the membranous structure. Methods: This retrospective study analyzed 9 LVM cases for which gross total removal was achieved. Expression of the ependymal cell marker (Forkhead Box J1 [FoxJ1]) was histopathologically evaluated. The distribution of quiescent and activated fibroblasts was also analyzed using anti-fibroblast-specific protein-1 (FSP1)/S100A4 antibody and anti-α-smooth muscle actin (αSMA) antibody, respectively. The control group was 5 cases with primary convexity meningioma for which Simpson grade I removal was achieved. Results: Small LVMs (≤30 mm) were covered by a FoxJ1-positive(+) ependymal cell monolayer; no αSMA(+) cells were detected in the tumor; and a thick membrane capsule was not observed. None of the convexity meningiomas showed FoxJ1(+) cells. Large LVMs (>30 mm) had thick membrane capsules without an ependymal cell monolayer, which resembled dura mater. The FSP1/S100A4(+) and αSM(+) cells were clearly concentrated in the peripheral area just below the thick dura mater-like membrane capsules. Conclusions: This study found an association between activated fibroblasts and dura mater–like membrane capsules in LVMs. The characteristics of membranous structure in LVMs may differ depending on tumor size.

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