Removal of imipenem and cilastatin by hemodialysis in patients with end- stage renal failure

K. Konishi, H. Suzuki, T. Saruta, M. Hayashi, N. Deguchi, H. Tazaki, A. Hisaka

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The removal of imipenem and cilastatin by hemodialysis was studied in 14 (for imipenem) and 6 (for cilastatin) subjects. Following intravenous infusion of imipenem and cilastatin at a combined concentration of 10 mg/kg of body weight, drug levels in plasma were determined serially during off- and on-hemodialysis periods, which were 2 and 4 h, respectively. The biexponential decay of the drug levels in plasma was evident in each subject for both imipenem and cilastatin. Hemodialysis accelerated the elimination of both imipenem and cilastatin: the mean elimination-phase half-life of imipenem was shortened from 200 to 78 min, and that of cilastatin was shortened from 445 to 115 min. Hemodialysis clearance of imipenem and cilastatin was calculated by five different methods, each with intrinsic assumptions. The mean hemodialysis clearance of imipenem was estimated to be 74.08 ± 13.29 ml/min, and that of cilastatin was estimated to be 65.0 ± 8.6 ml/min, after consideration of various methodological limitations. It was estimated that in a hypothetical anephric patient weighing 60 kg, a 4-h hemodialysis treatment would remove 54.8% of the imipenem and 62.9% of the cilastatin present in the body at the start of dialysis.

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出版ステータスPublished - 1991

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