Removal of pertechnetate ion (99mTco4-) from radioactive waste using anion-exchange paper membrane

Hiroyoshi Inoue, D. Shanthana Lakshmi, Mariko Yamasaki, Sho Ichi Yamagishi

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In order to treat simply and safely the waste-containing radioactive technetium, a study of the removal of pertechnetate ion TcO4 - (the main chemical form of technetium) from radioactive waste was carried out using an anion-exchange membrane in which trimethylhydroxylpropylammonium groups were homogeneously dispersed with high density. TcO4- flux through the paper membrane is larger than that through a polymer membrane; moreover, TcO4- in the paper membrane can exist in the membrane phase in spite of the presence of a large amount of Cl-. The anion-exchange paper membrane possesses three outstanding characteristics: (1) higher fluxes of TcO4 - and Cl- than that of the polymer membrane, (2) almost the same occupation of TcO4- in available ion-exchange sites as in the polymer membrane, and (3) higher diffusional membrane permeability ratio pTcO4-0/ PCl -0 than that of the polymer membrane.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2005

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