Retrospective multicenter study of leaving the placenta in situ for patients with placenta previa on a cesarean scar

the Perinatal Research Network Group in Japan

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Objective: To investigate maternal outcomes after leaving the placenta in situ for placenta accreta spectrum (PAS) disorders in patients with placenta previa on a cesarean delivery scar. Methods: The present retrospective study reviewed medical records from women with placenta previa on a cesarean scar underwent perinatal care at secondary- or tertiary-level perinatal centers in Japan between January 1, 2010, and December 31, 2014. Perinatal management was conducted based on each leading obstetrician's discretion. The primary outcome was success of the leaving the placenta in situ approach for PAS disorders (defined as preserving the uterus without hysterectomy). Results: Of 178 eligible centers, 126 (71%) participated in this study; data from 613 patients were included. Of these, 41 had the placenta left in situ owing to PAS disorders and follow-up data were available for 36 women. Leaving the placenta in situ was successful in 25 (69%) patients, with placental resorption occurring postpartum (median 89 days; range 6–510). Hysterectomy was performed for 11 patients, primarily owing to hemorrhage and/or infection (median 30 days; range 0–95 days, postpartum). Conclusion: Leaving the placenta in situ, with close postpartum follow-up for at least several months, could be a uterus-preserving option for patient with PAS disorders.

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