Security centric systems for information technology

Satoru Tezuka, Satoshi Mitsunaga, Shoichi Nakagami, Hiroyuki Kitajima

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With the worldwide popularization of the Internet, various kinds of business via the Internet are becoming more available these days. Electronic commerce (EC) between companies and consumers or between companies is a typical example, and it is becoming recognized as part of a social system. The Internet is therefore expected to provide an open and global network environment in a highly information-oriented society. However, to realize such an environment, security centric systems with full use of security technology are indispensable for protecting systems and information connected to the Internet. Encryption-based security technology enables safe key delivery and prevents data alteration or pretense. It uses certification technology by a digital signature based on public-key encryption. Meanwhile, the same level of safety as leased lines is required in order to secure the safety of data via the Internet. Hitachi offers "Hitachi's security solution" as a means to develop business via the Internet. While trying to research and develop fundamental technologies to support a security centric system, Hitachi is also developing application programs, such as an electronic certificate notarization, and an inter-company EC system that fully utilize these fundamental technologies.

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出版物ステータスPublished - 1999 12 1

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    Tezuka, S., Mitsunaga, S., Nakagami, S., & Kitajima, H. (1999). Security centric systems for information technology. Hitachi Review, 48(4), 187-191.