Simple design method of FSS radome analysis using equivalent circuit model

Kyung Won Lee, Yi Ru Jeong, Ic Pyo Hong, Myung Gun Lee, Heoung Jae Chun, Jong Gwan Yook

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We propose a simple design method for the Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) radome using an equivalent circuit model. Using a transmission and reflection method, the material properties, such as the permittivity and permeability of the FSS, were extracted from an FSS equivalent circuit model. Also, we propose a design equation for the resonant frequency of FSS radome due to the dielectric cover effect. The material properties of the FSS with dielectric covers were obtained and can be used to calculate the transmission characteristics of FSS radome. To validate the proposed method, the FSS radome is fabricated and the results of transmission characteristic are compared to the proposed method in this paper. The results were strongly positive. The method proposed herein can be used for the simple design and fabrication of an FSS radome and can be applied to the analysis of FSS radome for use with various communication systems and electrical instruments.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2011

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