Simplified impact analysis based on equivalent static analysis for impact design of TFT-LCD panels

Yun Jae Kim, J. C. Koo, Seong In Moon, Young Jin Kim

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This paper presents a new computational approach to simulate impact response of a large TFT-LCD panel. The approach is based on the static load analysis equivalent to impact analysis. The static problem equivalent to the impact one is found from the concept of solid mechanics to estimate the maximum deflection and stress. To show the plausibility of the proposed approach, it is applied to a simple, idealized problem, a beam subject to impact loading. Based on explicit FE analyses using the LS-DYNA FE program, time variation of energy within the beam is investigated systematically, from which the steady state internal energy stored in the beam and the maximum stress are characterized in terms of the shock duration. Noting that the maximum stress is related to the internal energy, an equivalent static problem to the impact problem is found by equating the strain energy to the internal energy. Comparison of the maximum stress for the equivalent static problem with that for the impact problem shows that the ratio can be uniquely characterized by the shock duration, and moreover varies slightly, from 1.2 to 1.0, which suggests that the impact problem can be solved by the equivalent static analysis which is much easier to solve in practice. Thus the proposed approach provides significant advantages in design optimization of a large TFT-LCD monitor against chock failure, and enables the designer to avoid ad hoc modeling of the transient dynamics so that product design cycle could be shortened.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2004
イベントProceedings of the 11th Asian Pacific Conference on Nondestructive Testing - Jeju Island, Korea, Republic of
継続期間: 2003 11 32003 11 7

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