Source identification of nickel in TSP and PM2.5 in Tokyo, Japan

Tomoaki Okuda, Shunsuke Nakao, Masayuki Katsuno, Shigeru Tanaka

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This study investigates the source identification of nickel in the aerosol of the Tokyo metropolitan area. TSP and PM2.5 samples were collected daily from August to November 2004. The samples were examined by means of the water-extraction method, followed by elemental analysis and SEM/EDX analysis. We distinguished two types of atmospheric nickel sources in the studied area: (1) particles derived from heavy oil combustion, distributed mostly in fine particles such as PM2.5, relatively water-soluble, and containing vanadium and (2) particles derived from mechanical abrasion/erosion of metallic surfaces, distributed in coarse particles such as TSP, relatively water-insoluble, and containing chromium.

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出版物ステータスPublished - 2007 11 1

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