Synchronization Phenomena in Four Simple Chaotic Oscillators Full-Coupled by Capacitors

Hiroo Sekiya, Seiichiro Moro, Shinsaku Mori, Iwao Sasase

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Synchronization phenomena in simple chaotic oscillators full-coupled by capacitors with tetrahedral structure are investigated. A simple three-dimensional autonomous oscillator is considered as a chaotic subcircuit. We consider two types of systems by changing the coupling points. By carrying out numerical simulations and circuit experiments, entirely different synchronization modes can be observed. Further, we pay attention to the region of occurrence of each attractor of subcircuit, and also pay attention to the shapes of attractors generated by each chaotic oscillator in order to investigate synchronization states and bifurcation to synchronization of chaos. In the proposed systems, there are many interesting synchronization and bifurcation phenomena including different types of synchronization not hitherto reported.

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