Temporal-offset dual-comb vibrometer with picometer axial precision

A. Iwasaki, D. Nishikawa, M. Okano, S. Tateno, K. Yamanoi, Y. Nozaki, S. Watanabe

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We demonstrate a dual-comb vibrometer where the pulses of one frequency-comb are split into pulse pairs. We introduce a delay between two pulses of each pulse pair in front of the sample, and after the corresponding two consecutive reflections at the vibrating sample surface, the initially introduced delay is canceled by a modified Sagnac geometry. The remaining phase difference between the two pulses corresponds to the change in the axial position of the surface during the two consecutive reflections. The Sagnac geometry reduces the effect of phase jitter since both pulses propagate through nearly the same optical path (in opposite directions), and spurious signals are eliminated by time gating. We determine the amplitude of surface vibration on a surface-acoustic-wave device with an axial precision of 4 pm. This technique enables the highly accurate determination of extremely small displacements.

ジャーナルAPL Photonics
出版ステータスPublished - 2022 10月 1

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