The impact of serviceability-oriented dimensions on after-sales service cost and customer satisfaction

Erialdi Syahrial, Hideo Suzuki, Shane J. Schvaneveldt

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This research investigates the customer's perspective on product serviceability, including its impact on after-sales service cost (AC) and satisfaction/loyalty when experiencing service or repair. Using a split-sample technique, exploratory factor analysisand confirmatory factor analysis are carried out on survey data from 1464 users of automobiles and air conditioners in Japan in order to identify dimensions related to serviceability as well as to examine the relationship between each construct. From this, the research identified four serviceability-oriented dimensions: tangibles dimension of serviceability, assurance dimension of serviceability, responsiveness dimension of serviceability and AC. Through structural equation modelling, a conceptual model was analysed. Hypotheses about the relationships between the four dimensions of serviceability, and their positive effects on customer satisfaction/loyalty (CS) were tested for both products and were found to be supported. As other contributions to the product serviceability literature, AC was found to act as a mediating variable, and CS for the product and for after-sales service experiences formed into a single dimension by which customers viewed the product. These research results provide insight to scholars and practitioners for strategising after-sales service requirements during new product development and for offering customer-friendly practices in after-sales service.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2019

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