Poétique de l'anecdote Mallarmé et le poème en prose

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It is now usual to consider the thirteen pieces of the first section of Divagations as all the prose poems of Mallarmé. This perspective would show the prose poem as an obsolete genre, to be replaced by the "critical poem ". This essay, after it has questioned such an evolution of genre, seeks to discover the poetics which are inherited from Baudelaire and governs also the later writings of Mallarmé. Taking up the critical setting of the fair place where the solitude of artist is accused by multitude, the poet transforms it into a fictitious realm where he exhibit, before the eyes of crowds, Woman representing his ideal To recover communication with an indeterminate public and go well beyond the baudelairien pessimism maintaining Ugliness doesn't comprehend Beauty, the poet exaggerates the fictivity of his prose.

寄稿の翻訳タイトルThe poetic anecdote, Mallarmé and the poem in prose
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