Traffic characteristics of a distributed memory system

Jonathan M. Smith, David J. Farber

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We believe that many distributed computing systems of the future will use distributed shared memory as a technique for interprocess communication. Thus, traffic generated by memory requests will be a major component of the traffic for any networks which connect nodes in such a system. In this paper, we study memory reference strings gathered with a tracing program we devised. We study several models. First, we look at raw reference data, as would be seen if the network were a backplane. Second, we examine references in units of "blocks", first using a one-block cache model and then with an infinite cache. Finally, we study the effect of predictive prepaging of these "blocks" on the traffic. We provide a novel representation of memory reference data which can used to calculate interarrival distributions directly. Integrating communication with computation can be used to control both traffic and performance.

ジャーナルComputer Networks and ISDN Systems
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