Two-loop superstrings on orbifold compactifications

Kenichiro Aoki, Eric D'Hoker, D. H. Phong

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The two-loop chiral measure for superstring theories compactified on Z2 reflection orbifolds is constructed from first principles for even spin structures. This is achieved by a careful implementation of the chiral splitting procedure in the twisted sectors and the identification of a subtle worldsheet supersymmetric and supermoduli dependent shift in the Prym period. The construction is generalized to compactifications which involve more general NS backgrounds preserving worldsheet supersymmetry. The measures are unambiguous and independent of the gauge slice. Two applications are presented, both to superstring compactifications where 4 dimensions are Z2-twisted and where the GSO projection involves a chiral summation over spin structures. The first is an orbifold by a single Z2-twist; here, orbifolding reproduces a supersymmetric theory and it is shown that its cosmological constant indeed vanishes. The second model is of the type proposed by Kachru-Kumar-Silverstein and additionally imposes a Z2-twist by the parity of worldsheet fermion number; it is shown here that the corresponding cosmological constant does not vanish pointwise on moduli space.

ジャーナルNuclear Physics B
出版ステータスPublished - 2004 6月 7

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