Video-rate terahertz electric-field vector imaging

Mayuko Takai, Masatoshi Takeda, Manabu Sasaki, Takehiro Tachizaki, Naoya Yasumatsu, Shinichi Watanabe

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We present an experimental setup to dramatically reduce a measurement time for obtaining spatial distributions of terahertz electric-field (E-field) vectors. The method utilizes the electro-optic sampling, and we use a charge-coupled device to detect a spatial distribution of the probe beam polarization rotation by the E-field-induced Pockels effect in a 〈110〉-oriented ZnTe crystal. A quick rotation of the ZnTe crystal allows analyzing the terahertz E-field direction at each image position, and the terahertz E-field vector mapping at a fixed position of an optical delay line is achieved within 21 ms. Video-rate mapping of terahertz E-field vectors is likely to be useful for achieving real-time sensing of terahertz vector beams, vector vortices, and surface topography. The method is also useful for a fast polarization analysis of terahertz beams.

ジャーナルApplied Physics Letters
出版ステータスPublished - 2014 10月 13

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